MES provides stereo microscopy services with digital photos.

stereo microscopy

The stereo microscope is an optical microscope designed for low magnification (up to 80X) observation of a sample. Stereo microscopy may be used in conjunction with macro photography to closer document a fracture, weld, contamination or other feature of interest.


At MES, we combine the three-dimensional visualization of the sample being examined with Diagnostics Instruments CCD cameras, which allow the images to be displayed and captured on a high resolution LCD monitor. Additional processing of the images allows for quantitative measurements of the micro features and descriptive labeling. If higher magnification is required, the samples may be studied by Scanning Electron Microscope in our E-Beam lab as a next step.



  • Digital Imaging & Capture

  • Uses reflected illumination

  • Calibrated length measurement

  • Macro fracture features


  • ASM Handbook Volume 11


  • We can accommodate samples of varying size