Competition is fierce in the communications industry and mitigating service disruption is key for growth.

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Today's world is connected like never before through the internet, wireless, and traditional landlines. We understand that uptime is critical for you and customers, whose needs range from local emergency services to homeland security. Our experienced technicians and engineers are well versed at ensuring that your communication assets are reliable and dependable, minimizing service disruptions.  

Our MES NDT team offers field services, such as weld inspection and traditional NDT methods. Additionally, Guided Wave for anchor rods is a low-cost testing process that allows us to examine fully the condition of your rods that are supporting your telecommunication towers, without dangerous excavation that can disrupt service or harm the block integrity.

Telecommunication tower infrastructure is continuously exposed to the environment - both above and below ground. Over time, metals and coating systems can breakdown and fail due to corrosion. Our team of material scientists, engineers, and chemists can help verify base materials meet requirements and help you research new materials for the field.

Unfortunately, structural components can fail. When these situations occur, our experienced team can determine the root cause and help you reduce the chances of it occurring again. Additionally, our investigative analyses can help you document warranty claims or prepare for litigation.

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